What Job Roles and Benefits Can Be Achieved Through MCTS Certification?

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MCTS is the acronym of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Through this credential, it validates to prove the candidate’s ability in implementing successfully, building on, troubleshooting as well as debugging of a Microsoft technology which includes Microsoft exchange server, windows operating system, Microsoft visual studio and Microsoft SQL server. MCTS certification also validates the skills on functionality and features of key technologies. Candidate’s can show their knowledge in depth on a particular technology and also can certify for multiple MCTS certification to show the ability across various products/ technologies.

Job roles for MCTS certified candidates:

There are several jobs available to the candidate’s who have successfully completed and hold the MCTS certification. The following are the major job roles for MCTS certified candidates and they are:

1) Web developers.
2) Windows developers.
3) Enterprise software developers etc.

MCTS certification examination:

The official domains for this certification exam are as follows:

1) Deploying of windows vista
2) Management of widows vista security
3) Management and maintenance of systems that run windows vista
4) Troubleshooting as well as configuration of networking
5) Maintaining and supporting to desktop applications.

MCTS certification helps in building up of a strong career. By obtaining this certification, candidate’s can gain latest relevant skills which are required to the employers for getting better opportunities in connection with globalized community of several certified professionals. In addition, this certification also provides the candidate to access exclusive Microsoft benefits as well as resources that includes career building training and tools, MCP member websites and other important specializations which are required in the field of Information technology. So, all candidates who wanted to hold this certification will be exploring the benefits of this certification in order to attain a strong career.

There are varieties of certifications which help you to step in to Information technology field and build a strong career. Similarly, for MCTS certification, candidates have to take part in the current year examination. There is a fee for all exams and these exam fees are subject to change due to local taxes as well as exchange rate in the daily market.

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