AT&T Says Internet will hit full capacity by 2010

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Access DeniedU.S. telecommunications giant AT&T has claimed that, without investment, the Internet’s current network architecture will reach the limits of its capacity by 2010.

Speaking at a Westminster eForum on Web 2.0 this week in London, Jim Cicconi, vice president of legislative affairs for AT&T, warned that the current systems that constitute the Internet will not be able to cope with the increasing amounts of video and user-generated content being uploaded…Read the full story

Update: This was what AT&T was saying back in 2008.  Its eight years later (2016) and I guess they were wrong.  The Internet is still going strong with no real signs of collapse.  However, some experts are predicting that this may happen by the year 2035.  Check out this article from the titled: Is the Internet on the Brink of Collapse?


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