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Network+ Certification Page


The Computing Industry Technology Association (CompTIA) began Network+ certification on April 30, 1999.  The Network+ exam is a vendor neutral, nationally recognized certification. It tests your knowledge in a broad range of networking technology and best practices such as:

  • Knowledge of networking components
  • Installing networks
  • Troubleshooting networks
  • Installing network operating systems
  • Designing networks

The Network+ exam is geared to those individuals who have between 18 and 24 months of service on the job.

Network+ Objectives

What's on the Network+ Exam?

Network+ General Exam Information
The CompTIA Network+ certification exam consists of one exam that targets your knowledge in four areas (see below).  CompTIA suggest that individual possess the A+ certification prior to taking the Network+ exam, a suggestion not a requirement.

The exam tests four (4) domain areas:

Media and Topologies          20% of the exam

Protocols and Standards       25% of the exam

Network Implementation      23% of the exam

Network Support                 32% of the exam


John'z notes:

I have taken and passed the Network+ exam and of all the exams CompTIA offers this might be their most involved exam.  The Network+ exam is very thorough and even if you have been in the networking industry for so time, I recommend that you at least spend sometime studying before you take the exam.

A tip for you would be to spend extra time familiarizing yourself with the OSI model and TCP/IP suite of protocols.

This is a good spring-board to achieving other certifications.  however, exams are what they are... They test your ability to answer questions and how well you have can recall material during the exam.

It's kind of like they say about war...  Boot camp may be tough, but until you have the enemy shooting at you trying to actually kill you, do you begin to understand what's at stake...Namely your life.  Okay, networking is not quite as serious but I hope you get the point.

Any technician worth his weight in feathers knows that it takes years of experience to become an expert...


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