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A+ Certification Page

The A+ certification program was designed in 1993 by the Computer Technology Industry Association or CompTIA for short.

The A+ examination is suppose to test and measure a technicians ability to:

  • Build computers
  • Upgrade computers
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot computer problems
  • Repair computers and its peripherals
  • Install and troubleshoot operating systems
  • Perform basic networking
  • Troubleshoot printers

In addition, the knowledge level that is being measured is after six month of on the job training (6-month level).


A+ Exam Objectives

What's on the A+ Certification Exam?
The certification process consists of taking and passing the following two exams:

A+ Core Hardware Exam

A+ OS Technologies Exam


John'z notes:

I am not sure that it truly test six months worth of knowledge but I do recommend it, particularly if you are new to computers.

For the beginner, it gives them a basic understanding of computer hardware and components of the operating system.

The A+ exam is a good spring-board to passing other certifications.  But understand this, becoming A+ certified does not make you an expert in fixing and troubleshooting computers.

Technicians that are good at working on computers did so by gaining years of experience.  I have taken an passed the A+ exam but I also have more than 10 years of experience.  There were many days when it took hours to diagnose and fix some problems, just passing a couple of exams will not do it for you.  But it is a start, so make it happen today...


A+ Study Guide and Test Prep Section

John'z A+ Study Guide

Books On The A+ Exam

Free A+ Core Exam Questions

Free A+ OS Exam Questions