DOMAIN 2.0: Protocols and Standards

2.1 Give an example/identify a MAC address

2.2 Identify the seven layers of the OSI model and their functions

2.3 Differentiate between the following network protocols in terms of routing, addressing schemes, interoperability and naming conventions:

2.4 Identify the OSI layers at which the following network components operate: 2.5 Define the purpose, function and/or use of the following protocols within TCP/IP: 2.6 Define the function of TCP/UDP ports. Identify well-known ports.

2.7 Identify the purpose of the following network services (e.g. DHCP/bootp, DNS, NAT/ICS, WINS, and SNMP)

2.8 Identify IP addresses (Ipv4, Ipv6) and their default subnet masks.

2.9 Identify the purpose of subnetting and default gateways.

2.10 Identify the differences between public vs. private networks

2.11 Identify the basic characteristics (e.g., speed, capacity, media) of the following WAN technologies:

2.12 Define the function of the following remote access protocols and services: 2.13 Identify the following security protocols and describe their purpose and function: